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Sydney Wood Industries specialises in importing the highest quality Burmese Teak offering supply choices from wholesale packs to custom machined orders. Our company offers a range of quality wood products including the finest Marine Timbers, Plywoods and Exotic species, outdoor timber decking new and recycled hardwood flooring.

Marine Timbers
Sydney Wood Industries are proud to offer a range of timbers and timber products specialized for marine applications.

We are Importers of Burmese (Myanmar) Teak and service requirements from wholesale packs to hand selected custom machined orders. From Teak boat decking to decorative veneered ply paneling (and more), we’ve got you covered.

Burmese Teak
Renowned for it's unsurpassed durability. For this reason Burmese Teak is the industry standard marine grade timber and Sydney Wood Industries are Sydney's largest supplier. Our Teak is genuine Burmese grown and kiln dried to your specification.

Our Factory / Warehouse / Offices in Monavale
Why "Burmese" Teak?
While Tectona Grandis is endemic to many areas of S.E. Asia and the Sub-continent, it is the Teak sourced from Myanmar(Burma) that is the most sought after. The mechanical properties of Teak vary greatly depending on the exact environmental conditions it has been grown in.

Burmese Teak has for well over a hundred years been the timber of choice for the boat builder. Burmese Teak is also many times higher in oil content than its plantation grown sibling. This is the key to its longevity in the outdoor and marine environment.

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